We are incredibly proud to partner with Tesco, one of the most innovative retailers in the UK. Our partnership is curated with the ambition to offer both Loft startups and Tesco a range of exciting initiatives and opportunities. We believe that when entrepreneurial spirits collaborate they can amplify great innovation and show each other a different way!

Rainmaking Loft is a key partnership for Tesco, where ideas can be shared and collaboration is key.

Tesco mentoring copy


The Tesco Mentoring program is a two-way mentorship to pair Loft members with experts within Tesco, who can advise on a diverse range of topics and act as a sounding board for new ideas and new thinking. Our entrepreneurs in return offer the Tesco partners their start up experiences, different approach and entrepreneurial spirit.

Tesco coworker2


When our members need help with different areas of business guidance such as forecasting, marketing plans, or validating an investor deck, we match them with co-workers at Tesco. These experts then join the startup and become their coworker for a week within the Loft. In return, our entrepreneurs provide an immersive week where the Tesco co-worker gets to experience a different culture and approach.

Rainmaking Advisors


We organise monthly discussions with teams from Tesco who are looking to solve a problem and would like to tap into the pool of talent that exists within the Loft. The sessions promise to spark ideas for your own business and provide an opportunity to meet new people from Tesco and the Loft.