The Loft.

Rainmaking Loft is a startup hub, set up by an international partnership of serial entrepreneurs with offices in Berlin, London and Copenhagen. The Loft in Berlin is run by a group of entrepreneurs and angel investors. Its main focus is on supporting & growing the local tech startup community. The Loft comprises a vibrant co-working & event space, home base of Startupbootcamp accelerator Berlin, and a stylish 1920’s bar Le Labo.

Meet the team

Our Vision

Rainmaking Loft is dedicated to supporting & growing tech start-up community in Berlin through providing an engaging working environment and opportunities for business collaboration. We believe that the heart of the Loft is the community of like-minded people, active, innovative and open to sharing. Our task is to provide them with a perfect place to meet, engage, and collaborate.

The Story

In June 2013, Startupbootcamp picked a former art gallery as a home base for its accelerator program in Berlin. Once the program was successfully completed, the future co-founders of the Loft realized that they’d like to give back to the amazing community of tech startups the program has created. Soon after that, the idea developed into a coworking space. The space grew, with more and more international startups joining in. In November 2013, the company partnered with a coworking space in London, called Rainmaking Loft, with which it shared the vision, the spirit, and, eventually, the name.

What people are saying about us

" Thanks to you, your colleagues, organizers and sponsors, for a great event that, on top of being greatly organized and in a location that was a statement in itself, we definitely found very interesting and fruitful for the connections we made and the discussions that are following. It has been a pleausre and a honor of being present." Alessio & Giangiacomo (on behalf of the whole AMICOMED team) Digital Health Day
Rainmaking Loft has become one of the main locations for “startup activity” in Berlin. Even though the space is more modest in its claims than certain other (self-proclaimed) hubs, there is actually more interesting things going on.
Here we are in the company of 30 other great startup companies, at various stages of development, from Rubycup to Stripe, from EyeFocus Accelerator to Twilio, from SubVise to FormLabs.
We found the perfect place in The Rainmaking Loft, a space fully dedicated to startups. We have [...] access to inspiring co-working areas where we can share the great ideas coming out of our heads! There is also plenty of space for learning and fun, since the loft organizes events and networking parties on a regular basis.
Rainmaking Loft has plenty of space with skype booths, 5 meeting rooms, a shower and a big kitchen; why would the entrepreneurs ever want to leave such a haven?
Home is where your heart is – Proboneos Zuhause. Im Rainmaking Loft Berlin ist das Proboneo Team seit März dieses Jahres zuhause.
Working at the Loft gives me the opportunity to meet dozens of driven entrepreneurs and potential customers, connect, get tips, network… without even leaving the office.
It is a community in the truest sense. Not to mention that the doors are always open.
Rainmaking Loft Berlin is an amazing co-working space. It has everything one would need for a quality and fun working time. Soon after hanging out around the loft you can get a unique feeling of belonging.
There are plenty of co-working spaces out there for startups, in any sizes or shapes, but few can beat Rainmaking Loft in creating a ‘smart’ casual and fun office space that exclusively focus on encouraging sharing and socializing.
loftberlin has working space left for [...] companies, open and dedicated rooms. youandthegang works there - it is very awesome!

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